Wilson Christian Church

22 Dalton Place,Wilson,6107,Western Australia

As a church of Jesus Christ we acknowledge that he is the head of his church, he is the Chief Shepherd. Our highest goal as a church is to bring glory and honour to God through submitting to him as our Lord and Saviour, and sharing the message of his salvation. Therefore, as a church, we understand our task to be:
Connecting people to Jesus, his church and his mission
Connecting people to Jesus means being involved with the community in order to demonstrate the love of God so that people might experience the joy of knowing salvation in Jesus
Connecting people to his church means enfolding people into the fellowship of Jesus' people so that they may be cared for and nurtured, and may grow as disciples of Jesus
Connecting people with his mission means that the goal of being a disciple of Jesus is, not only to experience salvation or fellowship with his people, but to become a disciple making disciple.

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Place of Worship:
Rehoboth Christian College, Dalton Place, Wilson

Pastor Ben Murphy
M. 0430 295 254
H. +61 8 9258 4005
E. bmurphy@crca.org.au

Service Time: 10.00 am

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