Redeemer Christian Church

6 Heron Street,Huonville,7109,Tasmania

We are body of believers who practice an evangelical, passionate Christianity. We're Bible-based. We rely on God's word to tell us about who God is and how to live life. That's why we preach verse-by-verse every week. We're Gospel Minded The Gospel of Jesus Christ informs all that we do. Whether it is how we treat one another on a Sunday or how we think about our business meetings. It informs our lives in every area. We're a Praying People While the Bible is God speaking to us, prayer is us speaking to Him. Prayer to God doesn't show weakness, it demonstrates strength. Strength in our relationship with our Father who we know listens, hears and responds, not as His subjects, but as His sons and daughters.

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Place of Worship:
PCYC Building, Heron Street, Huonville

Isaac Lee
+61 3 6229 2268
0427 906 691

Service Time: 10.00am

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