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Welcome to the website of the Christian Reformed Churches of Australia.

We're glad you're here and hope that these pages will help answer any questions you might have about the Christian Reformed Church or, more generally, what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

We are a family of churches with a rich, warm heritage in the Reformation doctrines of grace. We want to do all we can to help you find a home with us.

Deep within there is a stirring, right at the core of our being. Every one of us has dreams and aspirations – not just for life and love, but for a truly beautiful world, a soul satisfying purpose, and meaningful connection with something more, something greater, something beyond us and our world. These longings are hard wired into every human being.

At the same time we see our world is in deep trouble. Wars, corruption and social breakdown are daily news. People hurt one another, relationships struggle and families fail. We cannot even keep the standards we set for ourselves, let alone any standards God has given.

One thing is clear: despite our longing for true life, our world is broken and we are broken, at the deepest and most profound level.

Reformed churches identify with the protestant reformation – a movement in the 1500-1600s – which saw churches strive to ground their faith and life completely in God's word, as opposed to church tradition or human reason.

Churches in the reformed tradition share several key values. These are Christ alone, grace alone, faith alone, Scripture alone, and the over arching commitment that all of life should be directed to God's glory alone.

Most of what we believe we hold in common with the Christian church around the world and throughout the ages.

We believe that the Bible is God's inspired Word. Our understanding of key Christian doctrines is summarized in the three ecumenical creeds (Apostles', Nicene, Athanasian) and in the Reformed Confessions: the Belgic Confession, the Heidelberg Catechism, the Canons of Dordt, and the Scottish Westminster Confession. We also identify with the Contemporary Testimony of the CRC of North America. These documents can be read by following the links below.

The Christian Reformed Churches of Australia (CRCA) includes over fifty congregations across Australia established since 1951 in just about every state and territory..