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A Church Reforming to Reach the Lost for Christ

Healthy churches are growing churches. The CRCA is committed to assist churches so that local initiatives are leveraged for gospel and kingdom growth.

CRCA Ministry Formation will assist churches in their respective state to maximise church health in areas such as: the marks of the true church as identified in the Belgic Confession; CRCA Church Order distinctives: worship, faith nurture, pastoral care and oversight, and missions; the eight characteristics of a healthy church as identified by NCD; and other church health issues raised by individual congregations. Contact: Jack De Vries e. m. 0437 339 008 p. 07 3285 3678. Is your Church healthy? What are the signs of a healthy church? Do you need a church health check up?

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Ministry Formation

On His Shoulders

On His Shoulders ADriving along one day to my next destination I heard these words over the radio:  I am strong when I am on your shoulders, you raise me up to more than I can be. Immediately I began to think of the many times my wife or I have taken one of our children or grandchildren and put them on our shoulders, carried them on our backs, or in our arms. They might have become weary from a walk, or simply wanted to be close to us. But being carried on our shoulders lifted their burdens, and raised them up (literally) to new heights. In......
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Resolve for 2017

As the pages of a new year are turned on the calendar lots of people resolve to do something in the year ahead.   Many make the resolution to loose some weight.   The holiday season has packed on a few extra kilos and so people turn up at the gym and begin a routine of working out.   For others it might be to get out of debt.   Or attend church more often.   Or to improve time management.   Take a holiday.  Quick smoking. I like to suggest a challenge to you that you could turn into a resolve for 2017.   Simply this:  read through the Bible and take another person along with you on the journey.   Since I took my faith in Jesus seriously as a young teenager, I hav......
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Leadership Matters & RTC

RTCNot too long ago I marked 33 years since I entered the ordained ministry. One of the things I did was to write one of my professors from my years at Calvin Theological Seminary. I just wanted to thank him for inspiring me so many years ago with a passion for the gospel and ministry in the church. Another one of my teachers at that time, Richard De Ridder, a missionary for many years, had charged us budding ministers to never lose our passion for the gospel and reaching the lost with the good news of Christ. He told us ......
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Increasing Church Health

thinkandactThe church has always been and is still only one generation from extinction!    This sobering reality is hitting home to many churches across Australia and in many other places in the world, including the churches that I serve in the CRCA.   In another 30 years these church buildings will close their doors, become restaurants, businesses, or mosques.  Why?   There simply won’t be anymore people!    But this has always been the reality!   Once upon a time the Christian Church in Jerusalem was a thriving hub of activity and outreach.   Travel today to Jerusalem and this church no longer exists.  The same is......
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The Rear View Mirror

rear view mirrorSometimes it is good to look in the rear view mirror to see the way forward!  It was the ancient Greek historian Thucydides who said that his history was important to "those who desire an exact knowledge of the past as a key to the future, which in all probability will repeat or resemble the past."  Lately I have been reading history books.   A CRCA pastor got me on to Peter Fitzsimons and he is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors.   His retelling of the horrors of the Dutch spice trade in his book Batavia gave me a window into ......
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