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New churches need support at all levels, but financial is probably the easiest. Why not make a donation today, knowing that “because of the service by which you have proved yourselves, others will praise God for the obedience that accompanies your confession of the gospel of Christ, and for your generosity in sharing with them and with everyone else” (2 Corinthians 9:13).

Eric is the Bible trainer and teacher at SWIM. He runs Bible-based workshops, retreats and conferences for local Church leaders and Church groups. He supports the teaching programs at various local Bible colleges. Eric is also involved in media ministry. His wife Jemima is a KYB coordinator and translates KYB studies into Pijin.

The SWIM Deed Missionary oversees the maintenance of all SWIM buildings and property, the supervision of construction of new buildings as required, the maintenance of SWIM vehicles, mechanical and other equipment, and the preparation of and ordering of supplies for SWIM Team projects. The Deed Missionary works alongside other SWIM base staff.

The need for support is great, as the Government education system in the Solomon Islands is under resourced, schooling is not free, nor is it compulsory. Less than 50% of children attend primary school with only 30% of children enrolling for secondary school and only a ‘lucky’ few going on to Tertiary / University study. The literacy rate is only 18%. S.W.I.M. has contact with many Primary and Secondary schools and seeks to resource children in obtaining their education as much as possible. Your donation will help us provide tuition fees, school supplies and school uniforms.

  • Primary School Student Sponsorship AUD$180 per year/$90 per sem.
  • Secondary School Student Sponsorship AUD$350 per year/$175 per sem.
  • Tertiary Student Sponsorship AUD$500 per year
  • School stationery & uniforms AUD$100 per year/$50.00per sem.

Days for Girls International is a grassroots non-profit creating a more dignified, humane and sustainable world for girls through advocacy, reproductive health awareness, education and sustainable feminine hygiene -- because no girl should go without. Women and girls discover their potential and self-value, are equal participants and agents of social change and are given opportunities to thrive, grow and contribute to their community's betterment while ensuring quality sustainable feminine hygiene. SWIM staff and volunteers serve through the SWIM base to ensure access to culturally, physically and environmentally hygiene solutions around the globe.

Crossroad Bible Institute (CBI) equips the church to disciple people in prison with the Word of God, free of charge, wherever they are incarcerated. It is a personal, in-depth and long-term program that is uniquely designed to help incarcerated persons to grow dramatically in a life transforming relationship with Jesus Christ, preparing them for and assisting them in successful re-entry upon release. Scientific research indicates a significant reduction in re-offending rates for those who receive Bible instruction during their time of incarceration. Jack Bana meets with prison inmates and coordinates the Crossroads Prison Ministry in partnership with SWIM.

Some young Solomon Islander men make poor life decisions which may result in imprisonment. Due to the Justice System they often spend years in remand waiting for their case to be heard. We continue to help prisoners and provide something when they are released. SWIM partners with a full time pastor, employed through Crossroads Bible Study, who works in the 3 major prisons and spends time with the young men and knows when these packs are needed. Generally the packs will contain food supplies, towelling, cleaning and hygiene products and devotional books for each prisoner.

For some years now SWIM partners in Australia have been planning to build a High School in Samasodu Village. This continues the relationship this team has had with Samasodu Village over the last twelve years where a Rural Health Centre was constructed as well housing for Health Centre staff. Improved sanitation and a water supply was provided to the village. Many community programs have been run which have involved over 160 team members participating in 7 separate projects. A team will travel to Samasodu in November 2016 to continue the planning process for the building of this High School.