I am looking to support, encourage and further challenge others to growth

  1. Choose from Exploring, Believing, Developing, or Multiplying based on your understanding of where the person concerned is at in their walk of faith.
  2. Ask the person to consider the questions that appear in the Head, Heart, Hands, Body, and Life boxes, and have them choose which set of questions they are mostly concerned with at this point in time.
  3. The final set of boxes that appear provide important information for the person to take away and explore further. This information will include a Definition which should closely match where the person is at in their walk of faith; a set of Resources that will assist the person further; and a series of Bible verses for the person to explore.
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  • Exploring

    Is this a person who is exploring the facts about Jesus and is interested in finding out more?

    • Yes this describes the person I'm working with
  • Believing

    Is this a person who identifies themselves as a Christian, perhaps newly committed and keen to grow? Someone in the early stages of their faith.

    • Yes this describes the person I'm working with
  • Developing

    Has this person been a follower of Jesus for a while, and is keen to take the next positive steps toward growth?

    • Yes this describes the person I'm working with
  • Multiplying

    Is this person a maturing follower of Jesus who is giving leadership to others or involved in significant ministries that support good ministry and mission?

    • Yes this describes the person I'm working with
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    what we think, our ideas, our beliefs
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    our commitments, values, and aspirations
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    our behaviour, service and activity
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    our engagement with the church community
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    our life in the broadest sense, every aspect of our existence, our connections with our world
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