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World Transform is our official denominational ministry "showing mercy – in Christ's name". We mainly work in deed ministries in developing countries in Asia and the Pacific.

Our living God is deeply concerned for sinful humanity. Following our Saviour's example, the Church in this world is to reach out to those in spiritual need with the message of the gospel. For those who have physical needs (the sick, the suffering, the orphans and the widows) we are to reach out with deeds of love and compassion.

The CRCA established World Development and Relief back in 1965. Since 2015 this ministry assumed its new name World Transform. It is a GROW committee with the instruction to minister – in the Name of the Lord of mercy – to the spiritual and physical needs of all those in distress, including through natural disasters, war and hostilities, irrespective of sex, race or creed. World Transform represents the whole denomination in this task.

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