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Contact Person: Leo Douma: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Leadership Development workgroup is a subgroup of the Training Work. This committee has been formed for the purpose of providing a training pathway for the leaders in our local CRCA churches, such as elders, deacons, pastoral workers, etc.

The members of this workgroup are Dr Leo Douma (convener), Dr Phillips Scheepers and Dr Dawie van Vuuren.



The Vision Statement of the Christian Reformed Churches of Australia, 'A Church Reforming to Reach the Lost for Christ' calls on the churches: 'to multiply the number of well-trained persons (ordained, non-ordained, full time, part time, voluntary)' enabling 'local churches to expand numerically, equip and nurture their members and become mother churches of as many fellowships and congregations as possible'.

The vision statement in its strategy recognizes the biblical 'priority of the local God's appointed agent of hope in the world.' This priority of the local congregation for ministry and the call to multiply the number of well trained persons in each congregation generates the imperative for the training of local church leaders and ministries. The Leadership Development Workgroup mandate is "to encourage the implementation of a discipleship/training pathway for leaders in the local church to engage them in Christ's mission."

The Leadership Development Workgroup is to:

1. Provide resources, networks, environments and accountability for training leaders in local churches

  1. 'Leaders': includes elders, deacons, pastoral workers, small group leaders, youth leaders. The focus is on training trainers, training leaders of leaders.
  2. 'Environments': includes Classis training, leadership conferences, Session training, in service training
  3. 'Networks': includes Ministry Formation website, Classis, CBTE training
  4. 'Resources': includes RTC Preaching Workshop, distance learning, CBTE oversight and delivery, 'Fan the Flame' conferences
  5. 'Accountabilities': includes Local church council or session, church visitation questions

2. Provide assessment methods and criteria for establishing what constitutes effective leadership training

3. Assist local churches and leaders in providing mentoring in guidance of local church members towards engagement in mission and ministry

Any questions in regard to the group can be directed to Leo Douma: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.