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G.O.S.P.E.L. Prayer Points for February

1. We thank God for 775 new souls who responded to God’s call to repent and believe. These received the sign of baptism through the ministry of G.O.S.P.E.L. workers in 2016. Even though there were fewer baptisms than in 2015, it is a wonderful harvest!

2. Christmas programs were conducted in all the clusters. Some 8,000 people attended. Over 25% of these were non-believers who they heard the Gospel message. May God bless those who heard about Jesus for the first time. Similarly, nearly all the Tuition Centre children (300) are children from non-Christian families. Please pray that the Christmas message will work in the heart of these children.

3. One worker named Harish from Rajasthan mission field was overseeing the building of a gathering hall at Amalya village. Some local police officials asked him to stop the construction work. This disturbance is due to pressure from some Hindu extreme groups in this area.

4. Another 2 wells were drilled in the mission field. The recipients thank our Lord God for the bore wells in their villages. This is great witness to for the whole community. They now do not need to walk long distances to get drinking water.