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Lots to give thanks for and lots to plead before the throne of grace.

1. In January, twelve men and women from South Gujarat and the Saputara cluster received baptism and received Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. Praise be to God.

2. “Compassionate Catalogue’s” Nutrition Program enhances the ministry of G.O.S.P.E.L. Thirty anaemic pregnant women received nutritious food supplements in Gujarat and Rajasthan. (Please continue to remember the rural poor women in India who never get to see any health professionals.)

3. On Friday 16th of February, we are planning to have a special ‘Ladies rally” at the Narmada mission field. Please pray for the fellowship of these women, so they can be encouraged and in return, be a great blessing to others.

4. a. Pray for two families from Barwani Cluster as they are being pressured by the RSS (Hind militant group) to renounce their faith. RSS members threatened them to stop going to church. Please pray that they may receive strength from the Lord and continue to have trust in Jesus.
b. There is an increase of persecution to Christians in different fields in our ministry. There is a growing insecurity among our people and our leaders and pastors find it difficult to gather together for baptisms or other Christian activities. (Some believers have stopped going to church altogether.

5. There are people coming to the Lord from the “high” Rajput (son of King) caste in Udaipur cluster. Often people from higher castes reject those from the lower castes in India, but the Lord is changing hearts and minds and few families from the Rajput background accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour and King.