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  • GOSPEL Prayer Points September

    GOSPEL Prayer Points September

    We praise God for 10 blessed years of partnership with Christian Reformed Fellowship of India (CRFI). We are truly humbled that God has so blessed this harvesting ministry in Central Western India. There will be a time celebration and thanksgiving at the “retreat”.  READ MORE: GOSPEL September Prayer Points

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  • Connecting People with Jesus

    Connecting People with Jesus

    Connecting people with Jesus.   This is the story of Wilson Christian Church, a CRCA church plant by the Willetton Christian Church.  Wilson has been supported by grants through the CRCA Church Planting Taskforce.  Listen to their story:  Connecting people with Jesus.

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  • The Invisible War

    The Invisible War

    Close to twenty CRCA leaders -- pastors and wives -- attended the Multiply16 conference put on by The Geneva Push church planting network.   The theme this year was:  The Invisible War.   The Christian lives aware that he or she has a foot in two worlds - the physical creation we wake up in every day, and the spiritual world that undergirds and surrounds it.   Church leaders, including church planters,   must

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  • The Rear View Mirror

    Sometimes it is good to look in the rear view mirror to see the way forward! It was the ancient Greek historian Thucydides who said that his history was important to "those who desire an exact knowledge of the past as a key to the future, which in all probability will repeat or resemble the past." Lately I have been reading history books. A CRCA

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  • Deed Missionary Needed

    Deed Missionary Needed

    The Christian Reformed Churches of Australia through the Solomon Islands Workgroup are looking for applicants for the position of Deed Missionary for our SWIM base located in Honiara in the Solomon Islands. The position is open to either a single or married couple with trade skills (carpentry, plumbing or electrical) or a general mechanical aptitude. People relationship and management skills plus a driver’s license are

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  • RTC Announces New Melbourne Campus

    RTC Announces New Melbourne Campus

    Over the past two years RTC has been planning and implementing a new model for the RTC so as to expand and improve their ministry. This week three more large steps have been taken with the launching of new RTC branding, a new website and the announcement of our new Melbourne CBD campus location. On Friday 7 October we held a special lunch to celebrate

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