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  • SWIM Autumn Newsletter

    SWIM Autumn Newsletter

    Breaking news! Two weeks ago, SIW approved Ron & Tanya Pirini’s application to become the new Deed Missionaries at the SWIM Base in Honiara, Solomon Islands. Ron and Tanya come from New Zealand and attend City Church Tauranga on the North Island.  Read More:  SWIM Autumn Newsletter 2017

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  • RTC Opens in Melbourne CBD

    RTC Opens in Melbourne CBD

    RTC has opened its campus in the Melbourne CBD.    With many people and supporters in attendance, a plaque was unveiled and soon students will be flock to 221 Queen Street in the heart of Melbourne.   Occupying the third level of an office building, RTC has a number of classrooms, offices, a common's area, and a reading room through which it will provide theological education -- "Christ-centered training

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  • WISE Youth Convention

    WISE Youth Convention

    Wise is the 2018 Youth and Young Adults Convention of the Christian Reformed Churches of Australia. Convention has a rich history in the CRCA and the 2018 Convention will add to this rich history.  This convention will focus on wisdom, specifically the wisdom of God as given to us by the book of Proverbs.  The dates are 6 - 11 January 2018.   For full information and

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  • Recharge 2017

    Recharge 2017

    The 2017 gathering of CRCA pastors, ministry workers, and spouses will return again to the beautiful setting in the heart of the Dandenong Ranges just east of Melbourne, the wonderful hotel facilities of Country Place in Kalorama. The dates are 3 - 6 April 2017 and will be a time for everyone to recharged and be refreshed. The organisers have listened to those who attended Recharge

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  • Connecting People with Jesus

    Connecting People with Jesus

    Connecting people with Jesus.   This is the story of Wilson Christian Church, a CRCA church plant by the Willetton Christian Church.  Wilson has been supported by grants through the CRCA Church Planting Taskforce.  Listen to their story:  Connecting people with Jesus.

  • GOSPEL Prayer Points March

    GOSPEL Prayer Points March

    1. Gospel workers and leaders from the northern clusters praise God for three seminars that were held for women. Nearly 700 women participated and were blessed through these seminars.

    2. Narmada cluster workers praise God for 30 new believers who are ready for baptism. Kindly pray for these believers that they will continue to be clearly taught by the word of God and nurtured in

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